- To prolong your carpet lifespan, long–lasting appearance, comfort and durability is to vacuum it often, as it prevents dirt from becoming embedded in the carpet’s pile.This should be performedon a daily basisespecially for moderate and heavily trafficked areas. Your warranty is not valid if the carpet is not maintained correctly or if improper cleaning methods or chemicals are disposed. Harsh cleaning and improper chemicals can damage your carpet permanently.

-  For sprouts and snags, cut with scissors. Please do not pull them or you may damage the carpet.

-  Hire professional cleaning every 12–18 months, depending on human traffic and other factors like frequency of vacuuming and the texture of the carpet.

-  If your carpet is burned, cut away the tops of the dark part. If the burn is serious, the carpet may require replacement

-  In case of extreme flood like overflow of washing machine or other leak, the carpet needs to be dried comprehensively by a professional cleaner with the appropriate equipment.



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